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Episode 1 – Season 3  of RUN DV8 started off with a bang, displaying a stunning array of singing, rapping, musicianship and dancing talent from across the college.

Hosted and staged by Lead Tutor Kofi Ankrah, the event was put on to show his class how it’s to be run when it’s their turn.
With light refreshments, excellent performances and positive energy galore, the show was a fitting end to the college day for all the learners who worked hard to sit their Functional Skills exams earlier on.
Acts included:
  • Josiah: RADBL2
  • Ola & Sam- AP
  • Sharaq – RADBL2
  • Franceska – RADBL2
  • Andrew – UCDL2
  • Sophia – RADBL2
  • Ashley – RADBL2
  • Cynthia & Daniel RADBL2
  • Shaquile – UCDL2
  • Aaron & Lennox – RADBL2
  • Sean – RADBL1
  • Mishkan – RADBL1
To have a look at how it all went down, check out the video below and check out our YouTube channel for more videos!
Keep your eyes peeled for future performances by both learners, staff and special guests.
If you’re a present of ex student and would like to get involved in the event, then please e-mail
Come and run with us!

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