Learners selected by Tutor/Producer Anthony (Rowntree) from two courses MPBL1 and MPAD for best attendance, punctuality and effort given in the classroom, were awarded with the chance to visit Universal/Island records.

First off, they were given a tour of the whole Universal building by Communications Manager Michael Seymour who explained the inner workings of how the major operates. Later on, settled in the Island Records boardroom, the learners we’re joined by two very welcoming executives; Head of A&R and Benny Scarr and Head Product Manager Natasha Mann. The pair broke down how they got into the business and spoke about their roles within Island Records whilst the learners listened keenly.

During the very inspirational talk the two gave, DV8 Ambassador and EGA Executive Colin Batsa was spotted walking through the halls with his assistant and former DV8 apprentice Charlie and EGA signee Lexie who were in meetings with the label about future prospects which coincidentally are to be produced by Rowntree. After the pair had finished their talk, learners were given the chance to ask them questions and get advice from the industry experts who were more than helpful in their responses. The session was rounded up with Benny giving feedback on three tracks selected by tutor Rowntree from his courses.

Track 1 MPAD – Moments (Charity Single)

Track 2 Cagdas Dogan (Chad) – My Mind

Track 3 Nathan Barnard (Nate & Fozz)- Rise Up


Universal was an exciting experience. The rest of the class and I were thrilled for the opportunity to see how people at such a label work. We learnt that within Universal there are different labels such as Virgin,Island and AATW. We also got to go inside the Island records board room office and meet Ben Scarrs. Mr Scarrs gave us some great advise about the music industry and we got the chance to showcase some of our music. Overall it was an inspirational trip and a life time experience.”  - Sandro Sanches
“I thought the trip to Universal was a good insight to what we could achieved we are determined and are hard working. Its amazing to see that they have worked with some of the worlds biggest artist. Very inspiring.” - Jessica Walsh



“The trip to universal was very useful to me. I learned alot in a short period of time and received alot of knowledge. The vibe was good and the people were friendly. We had a talk with Ben Scarrs who is the A&R manager for Island Records. He asked me to play some of my work and i played him one song i worked on with my cousin names “my mind” heres the link to the track.” – Cagdas Dogan 


“Visiting the universal building was definitely an amazing experience. Just by being in a building where most of our good music comes from has motivated & inspired me to push my production levels even higher.We then got to meet an A&R who works for island records called Ben Scarrs who gave as some amazing advice on music.I also got to show him one of my production which is not released on soundcloud yet but here are a few of my other productions.” - Nathan Barnard



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