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Akala visits our SoundSkool students

MOBO award winner and total music man Akala visited SoundSkool in the London Borough of Barnet yesterday. The massively inspiring guest came over to deliver a history of black music talk, Q&A and a rap workshop yesterday the 24th October 2014. Level 2 Music Production & Business & Artist Development students were treated to an informative talk through the history and roots of black music and following that spent the afternoon writing and rapping with Akala’



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Doc Brown- staring in the fridge video shoot



We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to create and film a music video with comedian Doc Brown. The shoot was co-ordinated by our media tutor Mikis Michaelides with the helping hand from students in our Level 2 FusionTV class. The students helped to plan and build the set of the music video beforehand which included sawing sheets of MDF to create a make shift bedroom as well as arrange which props would be needed for the different shots.  The common room was used throughout the whole day as a set for the video, props were brought in and walls set up in order to recreate a set similar to a living room fully equipped with an old looking sofa, television, lamp and posters. Lyrics to the song were written by Doc Brown himself but handed Mikis the job of composing and producing the soundtrack.

In regards to planning the video shoot, ex student Nathan Good prepared a detailed storyboard using adobe photoshop, depicting each scene with vivid sketches in order to have a solid plan to work with when filming.  A schedule and shot list was devised to provide a tight schedule stating times and actions which was used as an agenda for the day. The shoot had to be completed quickly yet sufficiently as Doc had to make a prompt exit at around 16:00 to prepare for a show later that evening which left no room for mistakes. The shoot was a fantastic opportunity for learners to gain first hand experience with creating and planning a music video as well as working with an established industry professional.

There were around four varying visual effects that were used when producing the music video, each effect was listed and stated at which point in the song the effect would take place. For example: “The camera will be locked and we shoot doc in the different locations in the room. The centre shot will also be filmed against a partial green screen which allows us to overlap our shots; this is a multiple exposure typed technique.”

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Meet the team: Bhumeet Kala-Lee (Cold Fever)

Cold Fever, commonly known to colleagues and friends as Boom is a tutor for Music Production at DV8 Training. He grew up with a musical diet of reggae and jazz, also influenced by traditional Indian music which featured in old fashioned bollywood movies that he would watch alongside his grandmother. Growing up he was influenced by hip-hop artists such as J-Dilla and Jay-Z as well as electro-rock band Enter Shikari and heavy metal ensemble Slipknot.

With such diverse influences, he was bound to create a genre that was unique and paid homage to his cultural background, and so Desi-Reggae was born. He is currently spreading his time between teaching classes at DV8 and working on an album with Grammy award winning reggae singer Mykal Rose recreating songs from the Black Uhuru album.

Cold Fever links:

Website: http://coldfevermusic.co.uk

Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/coldfevermusic

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coldfeverofficial

Twitter: https://twitter.com/coldfevertweets

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Shawn Mayer’s Masterclass

Nashville Star contestant Shawn Mayer paid us a visit on Thursday 16th October to give an intimate performance to our level 2 and 3 Music Production and Performance students. Shawn performed a few of her own songs, and spoke about her inspiration when writing the lyrics; mainly inspired from a break up. Her song “The View” was written to describe a derelict house with a post box rusted shut; like her heart with descriptions about the old swing on the front porch in relation to how she felt her relationship was at the time. As well as a few of her own songs, she sang a cover of “Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac, a band she had grown up listening to on an old cassette, or “8-track” as they are doted in the United States. Her performance was followed by a Q&A session with the students where Shawn stressed the importance of networking as an artist who wants to break into the industry. In the early stages of her career she would offer to play shows for free in small bars and friend’s living rooms so that she could slowly distinguish herself as an artist until one day her friend tricked her into auditioning for a place on the singing show “Nashville Star”.

 “I love being able to see people get into music and be inspired by music, it re-inspires me all over again.”

“It’s very inspiring for myself to see people want to learn, it makes me want to go back and learn some more. I think that music is constantly evolving and is a way to talk to people without using words; it’s a universal language.”


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DV8 Academy Grand Opening

DV8 Academy Principal Sacha Corcoran and staff were proud to officially launch the new DV8 Campus on Wednesday 8th October at Silver Birch House.

The evening was organised by our Event Management students who just two weeks into their first term, were responsible for making sure the evening was one to remember, for all of the right reasons.

After many hours of planning, assigning roles and ensuring the guest list was watertight, the Events team sprang into action to welcome guests from our governing body, Waltham Forest Council, our sponsors and Cllr Terry Wheeler (Mayor of Waltham Forest). Upon arrival, guests were split into small groups and taken on a grand tour around the building which was the perfect opportunity to show off the new training rooms and equipment.

Student host Joel McEwan kept the crowd entertained in between speeches from Governor Barnaby Collier, Sacha Corcoran MBE, Cllr Terry Wheeler (Mayor of Waltham Forest) and the three founding members of DV8 Training; Alexis Michaelides, Ben Jolly and Ian Morton. To celebrate, Mayor Terry Wheeler did the honours of cutting the DV8 cake followed by a toast and brisk round of applause. Once the speeches were over and everyone raised their glasses to our new building, guests filed downstairs where a buffet was served provided by My Big Fat Greek Caterers.

“DV8 has a great set of staff and an amazing set of students to really begin to make an impact on transforming lives.” – Barnaby Collier

The atmosphere was electric; DV8 Campus was illuminated in our signature colours with the BBQ provided on full heat outside by reception. It was a fantastic night and great opportunity to showcase our new home and the talented students that we house. Thank you very much to all the guests who attended, there will be many more events to come from us in the future; watch this space!

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Group Forming Challenge – Tallest Tower

Students in our enterprise class were put into groups and given a task to build the tallest tower using the limited resources they were given. The idea of the activity was to better their knowledge on Tuckman’s stages of group development. The stages are as follows; Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing. Tuckman proposed that each of these phases are all necessary in order for a team to grow, tackle problems, find solutions and plan work delivering exceptional results. Each group of students worked together, following the guidelines of this theory of group development in order to sufficiently work together and build a tower using spaghetti and marshmallows. The winners of the challenge was the Enterprise; Fashion, Dance and Music group, well done to Cresselle Jules, Miriam Karamoko, Rochette Valencia, Rakesha Booth and Priscilla Ibanichuka with a tower at 110cm. Each winner was presented with a £5.00 gift voucher presented by Sacha Corcoran, principle at DV8 Academy.


The Winning Tower

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Nathan Bennett, our student of the year/ambassador with one of the visitors



Our Event Management team who helped to organise and promote the event.

On Friday 26th September DV8 Academy and DV8 Training hosted a coffee and cake morning in order to help raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support; a charity devoted to helping people diagnosed with cancer as well as relatives and friends who have been affected by the disease. The event was organised and promoted by our Event Management students who distributed flyers to local residents and companies in the area. They were able to receive cake donations from a local bakery as well as the co-operative. Staff and students also contributed by bringing in a variety of cookies, cakes and pastries.


The T-shirts customised by our Fashion Students which were auctioned.

Nathan Bennett, our student of the year/ambassador with one of the visitors

The event began with a talk from Sacha Corcoran, our principle at DV8 Academy to encourage students, staff and visitors to donate money to Macmillan emphasising the importance of the charity and how their donations can help to provide support for people who have been affected by cancer. During the cake sale, our Event management students auctioned some hand customised t-shirts created by our Fashion students. Bidding for the shirts and shoes started at £5.00, going up to £8.00 with all money being doubled by DV8 Academy and donated to Macmillan. The fundraising event also featured live performances from the students in our Level 3 Music Performance course. This was their first performance since the beginning of their course and was a great opportunity to showcase their talent. The stage hosted a number of diverse acts ranging from an acoustic version of “Everlong” by the Foo fighters to a hip hop trio rendition of TLC “no scrubs”. From the money raised from the cake sale and fashion auction we made £160, which has been doubled by DV8 Academy to make a total of £320 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Cynthia and Alan performing "Video Games".


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Painting with NCS The Challenge & BlingwearUK

On September 20th, we had a helping hand from eleven young people from surrounding boroughs who have been working with us for NCS “The Challenge”.  The week before, the team were sent out to Walthamstow Central in order to promote who DV8 are, what we do and what exciting courses and apprenticeships we have to offer.  However, in this case their time was not spent handing out flyers, instead they came to our new building at Silver Birch House to assist our staff with painting the walls in our building. The idea was to create something visually appealing to inspire our students to feed their creative side whilst studying. The campaign team dressed appropriately in overalls then split into groups to paint different walls with the DV8 colour scheme. Supervising the groups were Fusion, founder of “Industry in The Streets” (iitsfusion) Stewart, our music and media tutor as well as Sam Templa, a graffiti/customisation artist (@blingwearuk).