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DV8 at Skills London

On Friday 21st & Saturday 22nd Excel Centre was host to London’s biggest showcase of opportunity including apprenticeships, internships, education training and employment attracting companies and organisations such as: The Royal Navy, McDonalds, Metropolitan Police, Barclays, British Airways and many more. After a successful show last year we were welcomed back again to showcase what we have to offer young people interested in the creative arts. Preparation began weeks in advance with our stand designed and built by Guardian Display and one thousand copies of our new prospectus printed ready to distribute.

“The holistic approach of Skills London combining educational institutions and employers enable visitors to find out about careers and the training required all under one roof.”

Our DV8 entourage included students from our Event Management class, ex-students (now working freelance), recruitment and media team all kitted out with customised t-shirts and tablets to allow us to sign up new students quickly and efficiently. In order to engage visitors interested in film and the arts our Media team set up a green screen accompanied by dedo lighting kit and Chroma-key software to offer students the chance to record a ten second video against a backdrop of their choice including a festival stage and a catwalk scene.

By the end of Saturday, we received 260 sign ups for courses starting next year. Special thanks to our Media, I.T, Recruitment and Events teams!

Open Evenings:

Thursday 4th December 16:30-19:00

Wednesday 21st January 16:30-19:00

Wednesday 25th February 16:30-19:00

Tuesday 24th March 16:30-19:00

Friday 17th April 16:30-19:00

Wednesday 13th May 16:30-19:00

Book your place:

Telephone: 020 8498 3300


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Industry Guest: Benny Scarrs (Island Records)

 Head of A&R at Island Records Benny Scarrs dropped into our campus on Wednesday 26th November for an industry lecture with students from our Music Production and Business and Recording Artist Development classes. Joining him was DV8 Ambassador and founder of Industry In The Streets, Fusion who asked pressing questions about the realty of working in the music industry. Benny is responsible for signing Tinchy Styder and catapulting him up into the charts taking the grime movement from the streets and into mainstream music. Benny’s first footsteps to his career began when he was sixteen years old when an event held in London called “The Jump Off” caught his eye and he began to attend each night stressing that he did this alone, without any friends. Benny would stay behind once the night had finished to speak with the organisers and promoters and from there he was able to expand his network and begin to work on other projects. Now, head of A&R at Island records Benny is constantly on the look-out for fresh talent, the label have signed artists such as Bob Marley, Nicki Minaj, Childish Gambino, Annie Lennox and Ariana grande.

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SoundSkool at The Ultimate Seminar

On Saturday 22nd of September SoundSkool students attended ‘The Ultimate Seminar’ which took place at the University of Westminster in Oxford circus. The seminar was a massively great insight into how the music industry really works, discussing everything from songwriting to sales.
Guests on the day included music artists such as; Eliza Doolittle, Stormzy, Wilkinson, Lethal Bizzle, Ghetts, Kano, Jake Gozling and many more! Also in attendance was music’s behind the scenes professionals including, Kwame Kwaten, Dan Parry, Dee Adams, Simon Long and Hiten Bharadia. The day ended with a juicy burger at Byron.
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Jay Moezart visits our SoundSkool students

Last week at SoundSkool our level 1 & 2 students were joined by Artist/Producer Jay Moezart. Jay is currently producing music for Rapper Ghetts and used to run the Brit School choir.  Jay spent time talking with students about his music career and shared some music production techniques.

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Industry Guest: Nicky Slimting

Our level three Media students were lucky enough to have an intimate discussion about film making with director and producer Nicky Slimting. Nicky co-wrote and produced the British urban film “It’s A lot” which was released nationwide on the 25th of October 2013 and distributed by Kaleidoscope films. He is a writer, actor and producer who’s creating a platform for black entertainment in the UK. During the session with our students Nicky stressed the importance of networking and how it can massively help get a foot in the door. As Nicky first started off dabbling in the music industry, he was able to feature a lot of his musical contacts in his films such as Scorcher and Krept & Konan. The use of internet greatly helped Nicky in learning how to script write as well as edit and the most valuable piece of advice he felt he could give was to encourage young, budding film makers to produce, direct and shoot a short film and upload it to a personal youtube channel in order to create a portfolio which is very beneficial to individuals seeking work in the media industry.

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Equity deliver advice to our Dance students

On Monday 17th November Charlotte Bence from Equity visited our campus to deliver advice and guidance to our dance students. Equity is a trade union based in the UK (with a branch in Los Angeles called “equity west coast network”) set up to represent individuals from the arts and entertainment industries. Equity currently support 40,000 members nationwide and also offer support, advice and guidance regarding contracts to members who are working abroad. Charlotte raised questions of interest when becoming a professional dancer such as how long should you work for free to gain experience and what you should do if dancers feel they are not being treated as an equal. Equity offer a student membership to artists who are currently in education, this costs £17.50 per year and in return, equity will support artists in their career and offer advice on jobs and pay.

“Our main role is to negotiate minimum terms and conditions of employment throughout the industry and to try to ensure these take account of social and economic changes.”



Twitter: @EquityUK

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Open Evening 12th November

On Wednesday 12th November we welcomed a number of students from schools in and around Waltham Forest to attend our open evening. It was a great opportunity to get a feel for what we do at DV8 and what we can offer our students. The evening began with a talk from our principal at DV8 Academy Sacha Corcoran MBE who introduced the college and explained how and when it was started and our aim and mission to help young people gain the qualifications they need in order to start a career in the creative industries. Students were then taken to workshops according to the area of study that they are interested in.

Our course manager for digital media Sherine George explained what is involved in our courses and what learners will be covering during the course as well as what equipment is available. Students were handed SLR cameras to experiment with different settings and angles.

Paul Allimadi our support tutor for fashion set his group of students a task to design a selection of outfits based around the theme “love” for a celebrity of their choice.

Students with interest in our music practice and performance courses took part in an hour-long master class session with our tutor Alan Richardson who gave learners a task to write lyrics based around our motivational Monday quote “the only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary”. Once lyrics were written and rehearsed as well as composition and chords, the session was ended with a jam including our current students in our music courses.

Book your place at our next open evening on 4th December 16:30-19:00:

Call: 020 8498 3300


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Ricardo da Silva choreography master class


Dance artist and choreographer Ricardo da Silva paid our level 2 Dance students a visit for a hip-hop/contemporary dance master class on Tuesday afternoon.  He has extensive performance experience ranging from national to international and incorporates spoken word poetry into some of his performances at Dance Aid and Theatre Royal, Stratford. The session lasted two hours in this time our learners were taught a quick and intricate choreography to “stay with me” by Sam Smith. Ricardo spoke about and explained the difference between sharp movements, placement and soft movements elaborating on the importance of stature and how to use body weight for a smoother transition between each move.  Our students managed to learn the routine within two hours with choreography that displayed their technical ability and rhythm.

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Akala visits our SoundSkool students

MOBO award winner and total music man Akala visited SoundSkool in the London Borough of Barnet yesterday. The massively inspiring guest came over to deliver a history of black music talk, Q&A and a rap workshop yesterday the 24th October 2014. Level 2 Music Production & Business & Artist Development students were treated to an informative talk through the history and roots of black music and following that spent the afternoon writing and rapping with Akala’



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Doc Brown- staring in the fridge video shoot

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to create and film a music video with comedian Doc Brown. The shoot was co-ordinated by our media tutor Mikis Michaelides with the helping hand from students in our Level 2 FusionTV class. The students helped to plan and build the set of the music video beforehand which included sawing sheets of MDF to create a make shift bedroom as well as arrange which props would be needed for the different shots.  The common room was used throughout the whole day as a set for the video, props were brought in and walls set up in order to recreate a set similar to a living room fully equipped with an old looking sofa, television, lamp and posters. Lyrics to the song were written by Doc Brown himself but handed Mikis the job of composing and producing the soundtrack.

In regards to planning the video shoot, ex student Nathan Good prepared a detailed storyboard using adobe photoshop, depicting each scene with vivid sketches in order to have a solid plan to work with when filming.  A schedule and shot list was devised to provide a tight schedule stating times and actions which was used as an agenda for the day. The shoot had to be completed quickly yet sufficiently as Doc had to make a prompt exit at around 16:00 to prepare for a show later that evening which left no room for mistakes. The shoot was a fantastic opportunity for learners to gain first hand experience with creating and planning a music video as well as working with an established industry professional.

There were around four varying visual effects that were used when producing the music video, each effect was listed and stated at which point in the song the effect would take place. For example: “The camera will be locked and we shoot doc in the different locations in the room. The centre shot will also be filmed against a partial green screen which allows us to overlap our shots; this is a multiple exposure typed technique.”