How To: Give Your Best Audition… EVER!

Singing, dancing and acting in front of people can be scary, especially if it is for an audition. Here are our top 5 Tips for staying calm and giving your best audition…EVER!

  1. Practice - When nerves get in the way, it is easy to forget things. A 30minute rehearsal everyday in the run up to your audition day will help your performance feel natural.
  2. Eat – Make sure you have something to eat before you arrive. If you are feeling really nervous, grab a smoothie or have a banana. They are both full of good vitamins and minerals to keep your energy up and help you concentrate.
  3. Give Yourself Plenty of Time – Being late makes people stress out! Arrive at least 15 minutes before your audition time, take a few minutes to settle in, warm up and practice one last time
  4. Breathe – Before you enter the room, take a few deep breaths in…AND OUT! Remembering to breathe helps your voice travel further, it will stop you getting too out of breath dancing and it’s pretty useful for staying alive!
  5. Have Fun – Auditions pass really quickly and you will always be your own biggest critic. The audition panel, just want to see you happy and being the best you can be in that space and that time. You don’t have to be perfect. That is what classes and rehearsals are for.

Good Luck

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