FTV Digital Media Doc Brown Shoot BBC

This week, students from both Fusion TV and the Digital Media Apprenticeship took part in a professional shoot with Rapper, Comedian and Actor, Doc Brown, best known for his work with Ricky Gervais on “Equality Street” and the CBBC Bafta winning show “The 4 o’Clock club“.

The shoot was for a music video to promote the best selling book “Rivers of London” and features many visual effects.  The Shoot was Directed by BBC’s Matt Bloom, Visual Effects were supervised by BBC’s Sam Highfield and the music and video shoot was produced by BBC’s Mikis Michaelides who is a full time teacher at DV8.

Students made a massive contribution to the video shoot, operating cameras, using digital clapper boards, controlling sound playback and did running duties.  Shakira Cameron from the Digital Media Apprenticeship also acted the role of Beverley Brook a mystical character who has the amazing ability to control water.

Watch this space to see the final edit in the upcoming weeks

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