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Functional Skills (FS) is fast becoming the qualification recognised by employers as proof that applicants have the necessary numeracy, literacy and IT skills to complete tasks in the workplace.  FS is delivered in a more contextualised (industry-based) way than the previous Key Skills qualification and GCSEs. Learners are now able to see the relevance of the skills they are learning. Qualifications are available from Entry Level to Level 2, and help students to progress onto further courses, both at Dv8 Training and at other colleges.

At DV8 Training FS is a required element, in addition to the vocational course, and we offer qualifications in the following subjects:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

As a DV8 student, FS will support you in completion of the vocational coursework and preparation for working in the industry.  Employers want to get the most out of their employees, and in today’s competitive jobs market, this is a great opportunity to gain skills that make you stand out from the crowd.

    • Business emailing – how to write emails the way employers would like to be represented
    • Press release writing – how to professionally promote yourself
    • Biography writing – the best techniques for representing yourself (part of the PSD module)
    • Types of text – recognising and recreating a range of texts, considering purpose, audience and formality
    • Improving communication skills – practising interview techniques and teamwork delegation skills
    • Improving literacy skills - grammar, punctuation, spelling and cohesion (flow)

    These skills have been very useful for our learners who are writing and performing their own lyrics

You will be asked to complete an initial diagnostic test to give us a clear idea of your strengths and areas for improvement. This will help the tutors cater to your individual learning needs.  Additional Learning Support (ALS) is also on offer through FS.

Ofsted found FS at DV8 to be an area of national best practice – Click here to view Ofsted Report

English Exams Rate:
English Reading L1:     86% pass rate    OCR national average – 79%
English Writing L1:       91% pass rate    OCR national average – 79%
English Reading L2:     75% pass rate     OCR national average – 68%
English Writing L2:       83% pass rate     OCR national average – 66%
Maths Exams Rate:
Last year we entered 23 candidates for Maths L2 and achieved a 43% pass rate.
This year we entered 68 candidates for Maths L2 and achieved a 56% pass rate.
Last year we entered 59 candidates for Maths L1 and achieved a 66% pass rate.
This year we entered 73 candidates for Maths L1 and achieved a 48% pass rate.


If you have any questions about the topics or skills listed above, or for more information on levels and progression routes, please contact Lauren Ireland (FS Manager) or a member of the FS team.

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