Get Set for Console Free Gaming

Sony has announced plans to roll out a cloud gaming service!

With the world getting used to streaming TV programmes, movies and music online, the very near future means you will be able to do something similar for PlayStation games.

PlayStation will allow subscribers to play some of the platform’s greatest hits, like Fifa ‘14’ and Drive Club without the need to own a console! Big News.

It works by streaming data from the servers at PlayStation HQ. The firm’s latest smart TVs will be among the first devices to support it, but Sony also intends to offer the facility to other gaming products.

Gamers will be able to play across multiple devices and always play the most updated version of the game, which will be hosted online in the cloud.

The progress of the game gets saved automatically and can be picked up again from the same place when the user logs in with their Sony Entertainment Network account, so you can still have time to work on your creative projects and complete level 32!

Sony said it would launch a restricted test of the service in the US later this month before a wider launch in the summer. It is not yet clear when this service will be available in the UK.

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