Open Day 24-02-2014 - Student Filling Form
Students who attended this amazing Open Evening had the chance to:

Meet and Greet:
Visit the DV8 Music and Media Centre and ask our industry professional tutors the questions you really want to know about such as how to:
Get into the music industry as an artist or producer
Promote and manage live events, such as music festivals and gigs
Style fashion shoots & design clothes for runway shoots
Use technology to perfect graphic designs and create works of art
Turn your pictures and video edits into media masterpieces
Sing, dance and act on stage and screen

Get Involved:
Join in workshops and get creative with Industry guests and showcase your skills to those in the business. Each workshop will give you the chance to find out exactly what the industry expects and how it works from the top to the bottom!

Hear first-hand about DV8 Academy course options, qualifications, showcases and apprenticeship opportunities. Quiz each other about what happened in other workshops and take part in a Q&A with a special guest.
Open Day 24-02-2014 - Fusion BG

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